Jewish Wedding Entertainment

Looking for a band for your wedding day? Then look no further! The Jewish Wedding Band, is at your service with the crème de la crème of entertainment.

Your wedding day has come to an end you have friends and Family surrounding you both on your dance floor. The band is approaching the end of their final set before your carriages await you. All of those special moments and traditions are now some time ago … or are they?

Our videographer will have captured your entire day. Including every kiss, and sacred Jewish tradition from the Bedeken, his walk to the Chuppah, Seven blessing and smashing the glass, the first dance and Hora it has all been captured on film.

So back to the motion picture you have in your head right now. Your finally wedding song is about to be played by the band. It is a big song one that means a lot to you both. The band introduces you for the final time to your guests as the new married. They ask your guests to circle you around the dance floor leaving only you and the piano visible to everyone. The band starts the final song and like magic the best and most iconic parts of your day are streamed live on the grand piano leaving everyone in tears of joy while they reminisce in what we Guarantee will be an incredible day!

Wedding Options

From the Chuppah ceremony to the Hora this Simcha band can scale up or down to suit the particular part of the days proceedings, offering a small Klezmer band to play as your guests take their seats and again throughout the ceremony if you so wish. The options are limitless.

The band can also play a short 20 to 30 minute Traditional Israeli Dancing Set.

Below we have a wide verity of entertainment options to choose from for your traditional wedding day.

Chuppah Ceremony Accompaniment

A common line up would be piano and clarinet playing as guests arrive and then through out the ceremony.

Reception Entertainment

Keeping the mood cool and classic with one of our swing bands or duos, we even offer a Klezmer trio.
Dinner Entertainment

Solo sessions with the band! Each singer of the band will perform for 20 minutes with a pianist or guitarist, covering modern and classics aswell as Jewish numbers you will all know.
Israeli Dancing

20 to 30 minutes of all out fun and tradition with the band playing their Hora Medley.

The party music begins

Introduce the entire band back to the stage with the incredible "animation" grand piano, and have the time of your life! Dancing, fun and laughter will be had by all.